Ugly truth about Millennials

Today I asked my followers how would they describe Millennials and this is what I got: “lazy”, “thin-skinned”, “spoiled”, “selfish”, “undisciplined”, “self-absorbed”, ”fragile”, “oblivious”, etc. and I can agree on this. This generation is really what you call it. But there was one description that is the most accurate.  “Raised by neglectful, over-compensating for inadequacy, self-serving parents.”

You’re in charge. You insisted your children and grandchildren have to get higher education instead of taking a blue-collar job or just entering the workforce after school like your generation did. Most of you pay for that (often unnecessary) higher education. You are overprotective and prevent your children from playing outside and making mistakes you had a chance to make to gain that thick skin. You don’t let your 12-year-old kid stay at home alone because they are too young. And who is wrong when your child has a conflict at school? I bet you always blame the other side, not your “special snowflake”. And how you get surprised that the whole generation gets offended by facing the truth: they are not special. It must hurt, right?


They have never been taught how to debate and formulate an argument, as another follower noticed. Now you may start shouting about terrible school education, but it’s the family which is to blame.

Millennials are the product of your parenting. You spoiled your child and now you’re asking why they are demanding everything for doing nothing. See the correlation here?

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a parent yet, please, do some research on raising a responsible person and let your child make mistakes, it will help them in the future. I bet you don’t want your child to be triggered by “manspreading”. Do yourself a favor, raise your child right.


BONUS for Millennials:

1) You shouldn’t be offended if it was not intended to offend you.

2) Being offended is a choice you make. Nobody is responsible for that choice but you.

3) Even if it was intended, functioning adults understand that they must move on and not cry over a rude comment on the Internet

4) You should stop whining on the Internet. It’s too annoying.

43 thoughts on “Ugly truth about Millennials”

    1. Nail on the head. W don’t pamper our son. While many of the parents you describe admonished us for not sending him to any of fifty after school programs (when he was 4) for math, Mandarin. etc. A simple piece of paper, pencil and dice was all I needed to teach him arithmetic. No Leap Frogs, educational software etc. When he got antsy, I stopped. He needed to be a kid. When he had his fill, out came the bikes.

      As a result he’s now an extremely mature 13 year old-way ahead in discipline and disposition than your average beta male millennial. He got himself to Junior Olympics. three times. National Honor Roll. He’s competitive, thick skinned, kind hearted and a perfect gentleman.

      I think the key was what you said about overcompensating and neglect. We did neither. We talk a lot. He’s at the age now when his answer to “how was school?” is met with a shrug. Oh no. You’re not getting off that easy. Start from the top…..

      And now it’s hard. He’s mature and I can speak to him as I would any adult. We love to hang, but I have to keep in mind that I’m still his dad. Much to his mother’s chagrin, he has my humor. Walking down 2nd St. in Philly he saw a guy with the most ridiculous man-bun.

      He nudges me and utters, “look dad. It’s Madame Butterfly”.

      That’s mah boy!


  1. Sorry you missed one very important thing … they were NOT raised by “neglectful over-compensating for inadequacy, self-serving parents”. Nope. Not in the slightest. Cause there was no PLURAL there. It was PARENT not PARENTS because given our society and the current legal situation (divorce laws, custody laws, bias against men in the judicial system) … there is about a 99% chance that the FATHER has been ejected from his children’s life and the dominant parent is an overworked, stressed out, mother … who has NO CLUE HOW TO ACTUALLY BE A PARENT AND ENFORCE RULES AND DISCIPLINE. So, once you eject the fathers and put women in charge … you end up with the MILLENNIAL generation. So that’s the truth about how we ended up here, whether you want to admit it or not.

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  2. Between the daddy issues that fuels this blog and Somebody’s comment above this is comedy gold.

    Bonus point 4 might be taking the irony a bit too far though.


  3. This is a rather fantastic assessment based on nothing but memes and internet rants based on memes.

    Statistically, it is near impossible to come to actual, accurate trends in a generation that is typically defined–there is some debate as to when it starts and ends with Synchrony Financial, for example, describing Millennials as starting as early as 1976–as being those born between 1980-1994. It is just too soon. With Boomers and even Gen-Xers, there is enough demographic data to have some picture of trends.

    Memes like “millennials get useless degrees” was something that was actually said of Boomers and then Gen-Xers. Statistics show that the majority of undergraduate degrees are in business, education, and science.

    Instead of this being the evil generation filled with lazy layabouts clamoring for more free stuff, it is, with the present data, no different than any other generation.

    I find it most intriguing that the generational warfare employed by blue liberals (ie progressives) is taken up as some irrefutable common notion by the red liberals (ie conservatives) and no one really tries to question the notion at all. Thus, both liberal brands buy into a sort of class warfare that is entirely invented by the “smart” people writing editorials for Mother Jones and Brietbart.


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