Curious statistics

I’m not a fan of statistical analysis, but today I discovered a weird fact about my website visitors. Huge fraction of the views go from Austria, and I cannot figure out why

Here’s stats for November and December, and this month Austria takes the second place. This is sooo weird. Hi, Austrians. Email me, I am very curious about you visiting my site


Guess who’s back, back again

I have received so many questions on how I create a new Twitter account (c’mon, just like any other person), so here’s a step-by-step manual

It’s 12/11/2017, 12:10 CST

First I read Twitter Terms of Service


Works for me, so…


Let’s see what’s next




Hi there!


Oh, Twitter, are you sure?


It’s 12:36 CST and here I am


I have thoroughly checked Twitter rules, and I did not violate any of them

Follow me to see what will happen to this:


Ugly truth about Millennials

I posted this more than a year ago, and today I decided to post it again

Today I asked my followers how would they describe Millennials and this is what I got: “lazy”, “thin-skinned”, “spoiled”, “selfish”, “undisciplined”, “self-absorbed”, ”fragile”, “oblivious”, etc. and I can agree on this. This generation is really what you call it. But there was one description that is the most accurate.  “Raised by neglectful, over-compensating for inadequacy, self-serving parents.”

You’re in charge. You insisted your children and grandchildren have to get higher education instead of taking a blue-collar job or just entering the workforce after school like your generation did. Most of you pay for that (often unnecessary) higher education. You are overprotective and prevent your children from playing outside and making mistakes you had a chance to make to gain that thick skin. You don’t let your 12-year-old kid stay at home alone because they are too young. And who is wrong when your child has a conflict at school? I bet you always blame the other side, not your “special snowflake”. And how you get surprised that the whole generation gets offended by facing the truth: they are not special. It must hurt, right?


They have never been taught how to debate and formulate an argument, as another follower noticed. Now you may start shouting about terrible school education, but it’s the family which is to blame.

Millennials are the product of your parenting. You spoiled your child and now you’re asking why they are demanding everything for doing nothing. See the correlation here?

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a parent yet, please, do some research on raising a responsible person and let your child make mistakes, it will help them in the future. I bet you don’t want your child to be triggered by “manspreading”. Do yourself a favor, raise your child right.


BONUS for Millennials:

1) You shouldn’t be offended if it was not intended to offend you.

2) Being offended is a choice you make. Nobody is responsible for that choice but you.

3) Even if it was intended, functioning adults understand that they must move on and not cry over a rude comment on the Internet

4) You should stop whining on the Internet. It’s too annoying.

Price for multiculturalism

Thousands of Muslims worldwide have demonstrated against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Furious protesters have joined rallies across the globe after terror group Hamas called for a “day of rage” in response to the President’s announcement. Protesters chanting “Allahu akbar,” and anti-Semitic slurs marched the streets and burned flags.

Below are photos of the Berlin’s Muslim march. Berlin, capital of the country where Hitler ruled less than a hundred years ago. The country where Holocaust happened, and 17 million Jews died.

But Frau Merkel has her own plan and her new masters: immigrants.

Apparently, this fresh guilt had replaced that old-fashioned guilt for Holocaust.

This is the new Europe, this is multiculturalism!




How bad is Trump?

Trump’s approval rating sits at 32%, according to a new poll released by the Pew Research Center

This is the lowest rate he has had.

Also the poll found that the majority of Americans (59%) think improper contact between senior Trump officials and Russia during the campaign “definitely or probably occurred.”

Insanity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The world is changing, and I love it

Business Insider has just posted an article called ‘5 striking examples of politicians around the world starting to sound a lot more like Trump’ featuring Netanyahu, Labour MP Kate Hoey, Rodrigo Duterte, South Korean Prime Minister Moon Jae-in, and Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Topics mentioned are: immigration, anti-establishment and ‘deplorables’.

And you know what? I love this tendency of speaking out at this high level, turning away from career politicians and establishment, and being honest.

Seems like Trump has set a trend, and soon this will change the world by switching from traditional lies and political correctness.