Being cool: Who does it better?

The Mainstream Media never ceases to amuse. The informational standoff against the President, neglecting facts in favor of promoting far-left ideals, ignoring particular criminals’ backgrounds to avoid stereotyping minorities, threatening private citizens to publish their identities… I could go on till Saudi Arabia legalizes same sex marriages but I think you get the idea: the list of idiotic tricks performed by so called “independent journalists” is incredibly huge. The most recent one is making national news out of Vladimir Putin’s vacation. Really? Slow day in the office I guess. It’s funny how they switched the gears and stopped calling him out for every single evil thing he ever did, toned down their voices and started acting like Putin’s Instagram.

Well, if the MSM thinks it’s a good idea to tell the Americans how Putin likes his fish caught I will make my own contribution. Some people compared Trump’s and Putin’s vacations and it gave me an idea for this post. Someone might say this post is BS and you’re absolutely right but I’m just being an independent journalist here, OK?

First of all, the traditional shirtless pics of Putin were on the menu. I don’t think we’d match on Tinder with Vladimir but he still looks pretty fit for a man in his 60s. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any recent shirtless pics of Trump, he doesn’t do topless photos. Probably because of germs, I don’t know. So when it comes to activities like tourism, sports and everything else that requires energy we get something like golfing vs. fishing. I guess I don’t have to say much:

Shape 2

Shape 1

Yep, someone needs to burn calories not deposit them. I’m not fat-shaming our president, I just state an obvious fact. Big bellies aren’t cool. That, of course, is only if you haven’t overcome all of your cholesterol-related issues and became self-confidant no matter what they say. Everyone is beautiful! So, maybe confidence is Trump’s trump card? As a former KGB Putin definitely knows some killing moves, besides his love for martial arts is well-known around the globe. But Trump has a trick of his own very few people seem to have survived without becoming a completely different person for the rest of their days.

Kill moves1


Yeah, the deadly Trump-style handshake! I guess that’ll do for the Donald.

Finally let’s get to hydrotherapy. Besides posting bare-chest pictures on the Internet (correct, just on the Internet as they get everywhere anyway) Russian president likes swimming. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of Donald Trump swimming and I had to break into the White House to steal his family album. (TBH, looks a little like Photoshop to me).


Swimming 2

I guess that’s it for today. And to those of you who’s about to ask me what the hell it was all about here’s my point. This is what happens when journalists pursue ratings and pay little attention to what they actually doing. That is how the NYT came to promote tourism in Russia for example.


I hope you enjoyed this one. What your opinion about this? Should our Media provide more fishy reports about Putin?


CNN Is Now Threatening Private Citizens for Making Memes #CNNBlackmail

CNN is sinking lower and lower. CNN just publicly admitted to blackmail and claiming to reserve the right to doxx a private citizen over a stupid gif(!).

Just try to feel the level of insanity: CNN tracked a guy who made a video they don’t like.


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What we learned from Comey:

  1. Trump was never under investigation
  2. Comey had asked a friend to leak his own memos about his conversations with the president which technically makes him a leaker
  3. Trump did not obstruct justice
  4. Trump did not collude with Russia
  5. Russia did not interfere into the elections
  6. Comay used a phrase “I could be wrong” 9 times during the testimony
  7. MSM have been lying this entire time
  8. MSM is confused and even more discredited than before, their whole narrative they have been pushing for months is dead
  9. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover Hillary Clinton
  10. Comey admitted Hillary is a liar
  11. There was enough evidence to put Hillary in jail, but Comey chose not to
  12. Democrats do not own a “Russia card” anymore, so they can not play it
  13. Comey is about to commit suicide shooting himself 5 times in the back


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Erotization of the unwanted

New Zealand’s lingerie brand Lonely has a new ad campaign featuring a 57-year-old ‘model’. Frustrating name for a clothing brand, but the choice of the model is even more frustrating.

Reaction of sexually substandard audience to the granny in underwear was predictable: “What an awesome body she has!”

How awesome is it? Well… Three-day steak in laces ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Continue reading “Erotization of the unwanted”

Your Myths About My Great America


No, we’re not. We’re a nation of citizens. This country was built on legal immigration, and the ones who made learned the language and assimilated. Although, some people still don’t understand it. Nowadays, 15 millions illegals trivialize the idea of legal immigration and diminish those, who made through it legally. This is a long and difficult procedure, but if a way to immigrate legally exists, you have no right to violate it. Learn the difference between legal and illegal.




We fought them for 400 years. Fighting for land has always been part of the human race, it was so common, I don’t understand how do some people’s brains block this information. All the nations have all done that all over the world, but only Americans are told to feel guilty for it. Yes, nowadays it is called “stealing” or “annexation”. But for a long time this was 100% acceptable. Oh, and I have to remind you of the fights between the Indians before we even stepped on this land. And, oh, that was sooo brutal. They sometimes even ate each other.


This is a popular myth, but history doesn’t support it. Yes, some rich southerners owned slaves, but the issue of slavery in the United States was ultimately decided by the Civil War.

With a population of 20 million, the Northern states obviously possessed a much larger military manpower base, but their industrial capacity was far greater as well. In 1860 the North had over 110,000 manufacturing establishments, the South just 18,000. The North produced 94 percent of the country’s iron, 97 percent of is coal and – not incidentally – 97 percent of its firearms. It contained 22,000 miles of railroad to the South’s 8,500. The North outperformed the South agriculturally as well. Northerners held 75 percent of the country’s farm acreage, produced 60 percent of its livestock, 67 percent of its corn, and 81 percent of its wheat. All in all, they held 75 percent of the nation’s total wealth. – Warfare in the Western World

So, America was primarily built on the industry of free people. Slavery was a terrible thing that went against the ideals of this country, but we don’t have to create false narrative around it to prove it was wrong. (I don’t even want to mention who turned those people into slaves and traded them here)


No, it is not


We could get rid of all the other nations’ representatives and it would be almost 100% white.


Life expectancy is growing, crime is at the lowest rate ever. Even terminal cancer patients can be cured. Sex is safer, food is safer. We are the most technologically developed country, we make the best movies and music. This list can go on and on. Take literally any aspect of life. America is awesome!

And if you think that things were so much better back in time, get a time machine (or a history book would be enough?)