Suspended. Again.

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Today CNN published a new article on my presence online. Thank you Donie O’Sullivan for honest coverage, sorry I did not trust you 🙂

Aaaand within the same second I received a message from Donie with the link, my account got suspended. Again.

I will find a way to stay in touch with you, guys.

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Our Democracy Has Been Hacked

My fellow Americans!

Yes it’s me, your beloved Jenna Abrams, yeah, The Jenna Abrams. Did you miss me? I know. I missed you too.

First of all, I would love to thank my supporters, my followers and online friends for still being with me after my suspension by Twitter and the Daily Beast article. I hope you do not feel bad for falling for it. Because you should not. I did not fool you. At least it was not my intention. You might be feeling confused and insecure now, so here I am to help you.

You all may wonder what has happened. The media keep feeding us with bullshit about the situation around my blog, so let’s make it clear. To be fair, I really enjoyed reading the articles in different media outlets everywhere around the globe. I enjoyed reading the comments from both sides.

While I enjoyed reading it, several points were missed or reversed (have the media ever bothered themselves with fact-checking?), and here they are:

1. I have never ever supported Trump. All the media have been trying to push their narrative of “Russkis electing Trump” speculating on my name, my blog. It was even mentioned in my bio on Twitter.

Critiquing the government? PC culture? Socialism? Unhealthy feminism? Racial issues? Other society problems? Guilty as charged! But don’t these problems bother you too?

2. Also Daily Beast mentioned that I believe in segregation. You can read my article on this here.

3. Only a person who hasn’t tried to look through my account can state that I am far-right. I have always supported all the freedoms and choices people make, while I find some of the ideas people support and promote stupid, so I spoke about it. Just like you, right?

4. And the most important part. Calling me a Russian agent is insanely inaccurate and based on no evidence. I may be American, Canadian, Ecuadorian, or maybe I am artificial intelligence, and you live in Matrix, who knows. You may think I’m a pro-russian troll judging by the list of accounts revealed by the US intelligence community. But, please, read these two articles (about Charlie Peach and about Robert Delaware) and think again whether this list is reliable or not. Frankly speaking, I travel a lot, and I’ve visited Russia among other countries but I don’t think that’s how you turn into a Russian troll.

5. The media were wondering how I managed to gain that much support and followers (by the way, I did not buy followers as many of you suggested). I gained my audience because I’m not afraid to speak out, I am sincere, I genuinely loved my followers (and I still do), and I have always expressed my OWN opinion. And as media admitted, I’m sometimes funny. If you want to start a blog, you should remember this concept as these are the main points of success: be sincere, speak out, be funny.

6. Don’t blame the media for including my tweets in their articles. If you pull the right strings a puppet will dance any way you desire. And as I have already said, it was a real opinion of a real person. There are far bigger issues with media to blame them for.

It was a social experiment all along. A social experiment which lead us here, to the point when media and the US Congress are madly witch-hunting some online ghosts. And the outcome of the experiment has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Instead of searching for ghosts and blaming external interference, you’d better look for a broader and much more dangerous global issue your democracy is drowning. Your president is Donald Trump. And no, Putin did not pick him, but you did. I know, it’s not easy to make the right choice when choosing between a turd sandwich and a giant douche. And you can blame the US government, yourself, DNC, Hillary Clinton, GOP, Electoral College system, your neighbor who voted for Trump, or even God. You can blame me too, sure, but… does it even make any sense?

Once again, I want to thank all of my followers! Follow me on other platforms and don’t believe shitty media sources making news out of thin air.


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Being cool: Who does it better?

The Mainstream Media never ceases to amuse. The informational standoff against the President, neglecting facts in favor of promoting far-left ideals, ignoring particular criminals’ backgrounds to avoid stereotyping minorities, threatening private citizens to publish their identities… I could go on till Saudi Arabia legalizes same sex marriages but I think you get the idea: the list of idiotic tricks performed by so called “independent journalists” is incredibly huge. The most recent one is making national news out of Vladimir Putin’s vacation. Really? Slow day in the office I guess. It’s funny how they switched the gears and stopped calling him out for every single evil thing he ever did, toned down their voices and started acting like Putin’s Instagram. Continue reading “Being cool: Who does it better?”

CNN Is Now Threatening Private Citizens for Making Memes #CNNBlackmail

CNN is sinking lower and lower. CNN just publicly admitted to blackmail and claiming to reserve the right to doxx a private citizen over a stupid gif(!).

Just try to feel the level of insanity: CNN tracked a guy who made a video they don’t like.


Continue reading “CNN Is Now Threatening Private Citizens for Making Memes #CNNBlackmail”

What we learned from Comey:

  1. Trump was never under investigation
  2. Comey had asked a friend to leak his own memos about his conversations with the president which technically makes him a leaker
  3. Trump did not obstruct justice
  4. Trump did not collude with Russia
  5. Russia did not interfere into the elections
  6. Comay used a phrase “I could be wrong” 9 times during the testimony
  7. MSM have been lying this entire time
  8. MSM is confused and even more discredited than before, their whole narrative they have been pushing for months is dead
  9. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover Hillary Clinton
  10. Comey admitted Hillary is a liar
  11. There was enough evidence to put Hillary in jail, but Comey chose not to
  12. Democrats do not own a “Russia card” anymore, so they can not play it
  13. Comey is about to commit suicide shooting himself 5 times in the back


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